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2019: The Year of See it and Say it
Format: Five-week schedule
Frequency: Ten classes (meets twice a week).
Level: ages 7 - 17
Class Size: Minimum 5 | Maximum of 12
Time: 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Cost: Drawing 101 & 102-$140 includes supplies, $120 if you purchase your own supplies
Painting: $160 includes supplies
Literary Class: $70 includes supplies, Five classes (meets once a week).
Method: The purpose of the program is to expand the imagination and arouse students' curiosity about the world around them using the arts as the transporter.  Additionally, for students to infuse the arts into everyday life and use the arts as a tool for building cultural understanding and community. The goals of the program are to identify youth who want to expand their personal visions to create a meaningful and sustainable life and career in the arts or stimulate the right hemisphere of their brain to enhance their academic and/or career pursuits.

The lecture format, interactive learning and actual practice combined with mentorship from local artists and guidance from working professionals in the field, are hallmarks of the after-school program’s unique design.

Class Subjects
Starting January 2019 the week of 28th
Visual Art-Draw, Paint, Build and Exhibit
Literary Art-Read, Write, Recite and Perform 

Drawing 101, 5 weeks
Start: January 29
Meets: Tuesday & Thursday
Ends: February 28
Time: 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Fee: $120-You supply your materials, $160 includes supplies.

Drawing is the foundation of all visual art forms. Students learn the basics of drawing and how to apply the elements of design using charcoal and pencils.  Working from a setting and imaginations, students fine-tune their skills as they apply the elements of design toward a balanced composition. Students should bring charcoal drawing pencils white charoal pencils, charcoal sticks, kneaded erasers, gum erasers, tortillions, one 18' x 24" drawing pad and one11" x 14" pad of black drawing paper. 

Drawing 101 & 102, 5 weeks

Starts: March 12
Meets: Tuesday and Wednesday

Ends: April 11
Time: 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Fee: $120-You supply your materials, $160 includes supplies.

Students explore the world of art and its influence on society. Students dive into the history of art from images on cave walls to graffiti on city buildings. Students create works of art representative of the period discussed and noted artists of the same period. Students learn of the different careers in the arts and the skills necessary to be successful in the respective fields.
Students should bring a set of drawing pencils, charcoal drawing pencils, colored pencils and one 18' x 24" drawing pad; students may be asked to bring a set of soft or oil pastels.  (see instructor for the suggested list of supplies for your class)
Painting 101, 5 weeks (prerequisite drawing 101 or drawing experience)
Starts: April 17
Meets: Wednesday and Friday
Ends: May 17
Time: 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Fee: $160, Includes supplies
Learn the artistic techniques of painting and self-expression using acrylic paint. 
Students learn techniques such as color mixing, tone, value, brushwork, texture, composition, palette knife use, emotional/personal expression, and more!  Students learn and get to explore different themes: Still life, landscape, portraiture, colorful abstraction, and other artistic ideas that excite. Supplies incuded.
Literary Art and Cultural Appreciation– 5 weeks
Starts: April 22
Meets: Mondays
Ends: May 20
Time: 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Fee: $70, Includes supplies
Poets: Class subjects: Students study different styles of writing and create their own personal stories, poems or scripts. Students will explore literature, rap, storytelling, poetry, and the role of the literary arts in everyday life. Projects include poetry and prose, and self-identity activities designed to broaden perspectives. 

Studio Drop-in, on-going
Starts January 2019
Meets: Wednesday
Ends: Ongoing
Time: 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Age: 7 - adult
Fee: $8 per class or buy an 8-week studio  pass for $56 (does not expire)
Bring snacks and drinks if you prefer.

Details:  Do what you want. Do what you want. This is the perfect class for anyone interested in exploring their creative side. It is also a great starter class for anyone considering taking Painting 101 or Drawing 101. Pair up with your partner, friend, daughter, son, or granchild. Wake up the right side of your brain! Open studio time is for individuals interested in painting, drawing, building, etc. For the individual that is in need of a bright and motivating space to work in as they create their works of art. Students must bring their  own materials; guidance is offered (no oil paint).

Special request, by popular demand for one night only!

ART UP! aka Open Mic coming back in April, stay tuned. 

Summer schedule coming soon, Check back!

Youth learn about and create the sights and sounds of the Harlem Renaissance.
Art-trepreneurs: Students become Junior business owners.
Youth become Junior curators and gallery managers.​​
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CALL 804-925-6150 to register for classes or to book your private Paint party event 

501(c)(3) Non-profits get two hours of free meeting space per year

(includes civic organizations, churches).
L.I.F.E. School of Art Pledge

All students, seven to seventeen, enrolled in L.I.F.E. School of Art, will:
  • Be provided quality instruction with regard to age and abilities,
  • Learn and master the elements of art and the principles of design and apply the concepts to all artistic creations,
  • Learn how to study, analyze, and critique works of art, and;
  • Be respected for the talents, efforts, and levels of experience they bring. 

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