VilDon Edutainment

Finding YOUth through the ArtsTM

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What We Are About

A non-profit determined to change rural America.
MISSION:​​ to enrich and elevate the lives of school-aged youth and their families living in the rural counties that make up the Northern Neck of Virginia and bordering counties, through programs that promote individuality, natural talents, cultural pride and appreciation. We will accomplish this mission through the education, exposure, and engagement in high quality programs in the visual, literary and performing arts.


Co-founded by two women with a clear vision, distinct purpose and an uncompromising mission to motivate and move youth to “dream in action.” VilDon offers strength-building programs using the creative arts as the foundation, and tracks in four areas of focus: entrepreneurship, cultural exploration, financial literacy and /community/leadership development.  We bring our professional experience, personal enthusiasm, and creativity to assist in the process of expanding visions and opportunities in the Northern Neck of Virginia as we partner with other youth-serving organizations. Raise the visibility of our Youth—Now, for the Future!

Identify spaces where skilled instruction, creation and display of fine arts, live performances, and other such venues of the creative and literary arts can take place.

Develop a youth entrepreneur training program and youth-owned business venture.

Promote dialogue and interaction among people of all ages, ethnicities, and socioeconomic levels designed to enrich cultural and human perspectives using literary, performing and visual arts to emphasize.

Launch an intensive youth leadership institute, starting with grade five, emphasizing community engagement, creative leadership and critical thinking skills.