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Art Share & Board Members

VilDon is interested in learning how the Arts have influenced your life.  We want stories that demonstrate the impact of the Arts on an individual.  We want stories about you as an Artist or a consumer of the Arts.  We want to share these stories on our website to begin a global conversation about the power of the Arts and the importance of closing the Art divide.  We strongly believe that the Arts should be accessible to everyone and not just the few.  But it is important to accept the realities of the Art world and the gaps that exist in terms of access and funding, especially in Rural America.  Our goal is to fuel the #RuralArtsMovement.
So join us in this conversation and share your stories with us. Interested in serving on our Board? Do you reside in or are from the Northern Neck or Essex? Drop us a line. THANK YOU. ​​
Location: City and State
Share Your Story - How has art impacted you? What skills can you provide as a Board member? THANK YOU.